I am closer than i thought. 

Last chance to fly and spin this year. 

Final Day of trapeze workshops.
Homework time, make a 5 move sequence. 

First flight being counterweighted. 


DAY 1. Ensemble Trapeze, although you can’t see the other 6 aerialists. . At the Aerial Dance Festival, UK, Last week. 

First performance. Outside in the blazing sun. 

Acro Hooping last month, hula hoop made by Sweet Hula Hoops
Snapped by PolarSnap
February 2014
Green to Violent, From 2011 to 2014
Fractal placement. 2014
2011 to 2014, From Lines to Colour, the thinking woman. 
A Screenprint, 2009
B Screenprint, 2009
Apologies again for a fold line. 
Opaque  by  andbamnan