The `Grudge 2011, 

Pencil Sketches, 2011

He looks like a mutant, 2011

Changing the perspective, 2011

Sat on thin air, 2011
I found it folded in half. Apoogies for the line. 
The full moon yesterday 
bought tremendous waves to the shore.
The picture reminds me,
i need to do more. A set of minatures, 
to be exact. I will see what i can amalgamate in this next chapter. 
The lady of the Tree, a tree nymph named Yakshi. 
Yakshis are the female spirits of the forest. 
Their grace is to bless with fertility and abundance. 
A flower lady

I lost my camera, so iphoto will have to do for now. 

Coal and watercolour butterfly sketch

Mr Pakistan 1958, my grandad.

An inspiration to me.

I had to restore the photo, although it is unfinished yet, as i am using a free windows app.


Beautiful circus performers at House of Hats and carrie Tree’s album launch

The Harvest Sessions

Photography by Luke Starkey

Touch the Rainbow number
Feel the Weave
Opaque  by  andbamnan